Tuesday, May 29, 2007

3 Good Things

1) It's a little silly, but it kind of pleases me - pictures that I took of my son's play ended up in his school yearbook. First of all it means other people thought the pictures were good, and second of all it means I contributed something of value to the effort. My yearbooks are priceless to me, so I know for the kids that were involved in that, those pictures will mean something to them for years to come.

2) I have needed to refinance my house for a long time, but was not able to until my divorce became final in October and I got permission from the judge. Still, I've been procrastinating and avoiding it because quite frankly, the whole thing intimidates me. I've never had great credit and after my ex-husband's arrest I was forced to file bankruptcy. That whole going from being basically a stay at home mom with a husband who made decent money (but did not manage it well) to a single parent with no job in the span of a day thing really threw a monkey wrench in the whole financial outlook. But God has provided! He told me He would take care of me and my family and He has. So knowing that my a/c is going to bite the dust any time now (it's not a luxury here in AZ!) and knowing other major repairs need to be done, I finally made the call and applied for a loan to refinance my house. I got the call today that it was approved! ME! By myself! On my income! No co-signer or anything! This is the first time in my adult life that this ever could have happened. It means so much to me that God has provided me the means to take care of my kids and provide for them. It is such a boost to my sense of self worth, coming from a background where I've felt that I needed someone else to take care of me. No, the only one I need to take care of me is God. He told me that if I trust Him and am obedient, He would bless me. And He has!

3) A while back I mentioned an opportunity to use our situation to bring God glory... well the result of that will most likely be seen tomorrow morning (Wednesday) on G o o d M o r n i n g A m e r i c a during the first hour of the show. I was interviewed for a story they did on online dating (because I met my ex-husband online) I'm pretty sure they edited out all references I made to God and faith, but still getting this story out there has the potential to help others avoid what we went through. If it only helps one person, then I'm happy I did it. But I'm praying for more opportunities to use what happened to us to bring God glory, and this could open a lot of doors. I was interviewed in silhouette, because really, I'm the last thing anybody really needs to see first thing in the morning ;) But if you happen to catch the piece, you will pretty much know it's me. If you do, please let me know what you think. BTW, I won't be watching it, I'll be at work.


Rebekah said...

very cool, I watch GMA at work. So as long as no one calls 911 or for any other reason, maybe I'll see you

Eagles Wings said...

Thanks for stopping by my WW! :-)

THat is so cool isnt' when you photo's get used, and in a yearbook to boot!

That is so awesome how God has provided for the finances and you got a loan! PRAISE GOD!

Wow, wished I would have read this morning - I could have watched GMA this morning but I missed it :-( Oh well. He will use it for His glory!!! Always!

Grafted Branch said...

One word...TIVO! You gotta see yourself on a national news show!

Janean said...

AWESOME news about the re-Fi!! WOoHooo!
We'll keep trying with the GMA thing. I'm sure you'll make it on soon.
And congratulations on the photos in the yearbook. You are a gifted photographer! Some of the ones you put here on this blog should be in a coffee table book, they are so gorgeous.

That photo of your kids above at graduation is just amazing. You are doing a wonderful job with them, Mom. Jewels in your crown!

Connie said...

Grafted, I don't have cable and no cable = no reception. So even if I were going to be home, I wouldn't be able to watch it. All is good though, because my contact there has promised to send me a tape once it airs.