Monday, May 21, 2007

Clue #1 that a vacation is needed

Clue #1 - weird dreams about work

I don't often dream about my job, and if I do, it's usually about something that stuck with me that I didn't realize. For example once I had a caller tell me that someone shot out the windows of his house. Nobody was hurt, and I did my job well, got officers out there quickly, but I guess it kind of bothered me because a day or two later, I dreamed that someone shot out the windows of my house. It was very frightening and I was very very glad that we don't have a lot of windows that face the street. But work dreams are few and far between.

The one I had today though, I guess was kind of disturbing in a different way. See, in my dream, I was taking calls from home. I was talking to someone involved in a neighbor dispute that happened to live very near me. When I was done talking to that person, I then talked to the neighbor and 2nd caller gave a totally different story and was telling me how 918 the first caller was.

To explain, 918 is our radio code for someone that may not be firmly in touch with reality, to put it nicely. Occasionally when the courts deem that someone is a danger to themselves or others and needs mental help against their will, the police will serve mental health pick up orders, and this is when we use this code for a call. It gets used much more frequently in the comments of a call when someone is not making sense, can't be reasoned with, sounds paranoid... we will let the officers know that the caller sounds possibly 918. Like the lady who told me there was someone in her attic and her couch was breathing, yeah, she sounded a little 918. I wasn't aware at the time she didn't even have an attic.

Anyway, in this dream, I finished up talking to the second caller by telling them the officers would be there shortly. Then I got up and looked out my window to see a squad car driving by. Instead of going where this neighbor dispute was, the car stopped in front of my house. Then the officer came to my door. He asked my name and then said that he had a 918 pick up order for me. FOR ME! So I told him there must have been a mistake, because I'm not crazy. He told me "None of the crazy people think they are crazy, it's the sane ones who know they're a little nuts." Just as I started to panic about being taken away by the police to a mental hospital, the garbage truck drove by and woke me up. Thankfully! What a 918 dream...

So yeah, I'm thinking it's probably a good sign I need a vacation! Too bad I don't have one scheduled till late September!!


Brenda said...

Weird dreams make for good blog posts. Then again, sometimes so does reality.

September seems so far off! Do you get holidays off?

Connie said...

Holidays off?! Umm, no. Stupidity doesn't take holidays :P Let's face it, it's what's behind a lot of the circumstances when people need to call the police ("Umm, my boyfriend is drunk and being stupid...") I get paid well for working holidays, and even better if it's overtime on a holiday, but the only time we get them off is if they fall on our regularly scheduled day off or we sign up for vacation for that day at the beginning of the year.

The good news? Unless something changes, I'll have thanksgiving and the day after off this year, because I'm off Thursday/Friday.

Thanks Brenda! Good to "see" you around!

Janean said...

OSP called it 1260...they do that funky twelvecode thing. Blech!

I'm praying for you.

And I've got a spare bed anytime you want to vacation in Oregon. :D

Michelle said...

I've been catching up on my blog reading . . .so I've gone from your trainee J to this bad dream . . WHOA!

Well, and the 7 meme, I did it just a bit ago when "a wandering heart" tagged me. I had to laugh at your "Miss America boss of the president" LOL

Your girls birthdays - congrats, and on labor, may I ask, how fast? Because my first baby I did with an epidural, but on my second the epi wore off and he was born quickly . . . once I got over the panic and just relaxed I relised that it was rather easyer compaired to the first one, now prego with my third I'm debating. I hate pain, and am no 'nature' person . . .if there is something to take to make it better, I do, but still . . . .
Anyway ... sorry for the sum of a bunch of comments but my computer is being slow (being almost 10 years old now) and so I just giving you one doozie.