Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Dear Convenience Store Clerk,

I'm very sorry you thought I was being rude to you when you called 911 in the middle of the night to report a beer theft. I know you were quite upset, I could tell when I answered the phone and you just started giving me the description of the thieves. I honestly wasn't trying to be rude when I told you I first needed to know what happened and where. We can't help if we don't know where the problem is. Those are the first questions I'm supposed to ask every single caller. I was just trying to do my job. I'm sorry if you thought I was being rude to you when after verifying nobody was hurt, there were no weapons involved, and you didn't have follow up information, I insisted you give me the street address and not just the cross streets, but that's how my boss wants it. We need an exact address. When you call 911 to report these things, please know that other people may be calling also and on hold until I finish your call. They might have life threatening emergencies, so the other citizens really do need you to have that address handy before you call. We ask for it each and every time. I'm also sorry you thought I was being rude when I stopped you from giving me jumbled descriptions of both suspects and asked for the descriptions one at a time. I just know that the officers have a better chance of finding people if they have accurate, complete descriptions. And again, getting that is part of my job. At that point, you asked to speak to my supervisor to complain that I was being rude to you. I could have and maybe should have apologized to you right then, but I didn't think you would listen. I really didn't think I was being rude, it's just that I handle 20 of these calls a night. I know how to get what the officers need quickly, so I can get the information out to them and you off the phone so you can handle your customers quicker. I won't even mention getting you off the phone quicker so that I can take that next heart attack or shooting call - you know, a REAL emergency. You're calling 911, that should go without saying. Yes, I was trying to make the call brief, but that doesn't equal rude. I try very hard to never be rude to my callers, so my feelings are a little hurt that you thought I was.

But the truth of the matter is you are probably new at your job. I say that because you didn't seem to know how it works, and you were all upset over a beer run. That's cool, I can understand that, everybody has to be new at sometime. I think this was probably your first beer run. I guarantee you if you keep working there it won't be your last. In fact, you probably should celebrate the fact it wasn't an armed robbery. Convenience store? 3rd shift? Large city? HELLO???? Yeah, and that part about working for a convenience store? Your company WILL NOT prosecute most instances of shoplifting. So you call me all upset on 911 when someone peacefully walks out with beer and your own employers don't really give a flying rats behind about it, when we at 911 are getting so slammed with calls our rear-ends are being handed to us a on a silver platter (and those calls could be ummmm REAL EMERGENCIES!!!) and you think I'm rude when I want to handle the call the way I know will get us both of us off the line the fastest??? I am EVER so sorry. (Read: Bite me!)


PS - if you don't like beer runs, might I suggest a job at a fast food restaurant?

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Janean said...

Hee Hee.

:D You did the right thing and your supervisor will back you on that. Cuz you rock!

Good job. You're more patient than me, I would have hung up or put them through to a recording or at least put them on hold until the end of time. :D