Thursday, May 17, 2007

More slightly amusing kid stuff

I know I don't talk about my oldest daughter much here. She's got her own apartment, so I don't see her everyday. Plus, the stuff I could talk about is really her business, and not really appropriate for mom blog material. However, since I've posted slightly amusing stuff the other kids have said/done, I figured I should give her equal time.

Today, we had this text message exchange:
Me: Do you want your cake to be round or rectangle
Her: I don't care, you pick.
Me: Yay! (Because I really didn't want to have to make a layer cake)
Her: Does that excite you?
Me: I lead a dull life.
Her: Not dull, just no oomph (umm... what??)
Me: The thing I look forward to most is when I can sleep next. That's kinda dull.
Her: Oh come on mom, you know you can't wait till you turn 40!
Me: Yeah, one step closer to the grave (I was kidding, that's not how I really feel about it :P)
Her: LOL You're so funny! What do you want on your tomb stone?
Me: "Move along - nothing to see here"
Her: That's lame mom. It should say "world's greatest mom - two tombs down"

She claimed she was kidding, and she thinks I am the greatest mom, but she's still got a trip to the IPT* in her very near future!

*Isle of perpetual tickling - where they tickle you day and night, night and day, without ever stopping, even if you say pretty please! Anybody know what that's from??

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Janean said...

Esther's story. I still have nightmares about the "Puppies are cuddly, Puppies are sweet" song.

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