Friday, May 18, 2007

Twenty two!!

My first baby is turning 22 tomorrow! I'm really not sure how, but I think I've mentioned that before. What I may or may not have mentioned before is that I was really young when Allison was born. Like, 17. Of course, if you've been paying attention and passed elementary math, you could have figured that out on your own. I'm not quite 40, she's 22... Yes, I was a statistic. A teen mom. I hated that at the time. I'm still not all that proud of it now. People say "you don't look old enough to have an adult daughter!" I smile and say "I'm not" and quickly change the subject. I am however, proud of her. She has survived having me as a mom!

Her birth story involves mint chocolate chip ice cream, a very rude doctor who treated me like I had no right to be living because I was a pregnant teen, and a nurse with a thick southern drawl who told me that my doctor was living proof that turds could talk. The reason I really don't like telling her birth story much is because I allowed myself to be intimidated into things and procedures I didn't really want and absolutely didn't need. I thought taking hospital sponsored birth classes was enough to educate myself, but it really wasn't. There are some parts though that get rehashed quite a bit - like the part where she peed on the nurse shortly after she was born.

I'd like to say I fell in love with her immediately when I saw her for the first time, but that would not be true. The first time they let me get a good look at her face, they had already put silver nitrate in her eyes (22 years ago, they didn't use the clear ointment) and she looked like a racoon. Her face was all red and scrunched up and the first thing I honestly thought when I saw my child was "oh my gosh, that is the ugliest thing I have ever seen." Of course I lied to everybody in the room and said she was gorgeous... The next time I saw her though (this was back in the day of long recovery room times and them whisking the baby off to the nursery, so it was probably a good 6 hours before I saw her again) I thought she was absolutely beautiful and then fell head over heals in love.

I immediately loved being a mom. I loved nursing, I didn't so much love changing diapers at 4 am, and colic didn't thrill me... but I loved this little person and watching her grow.

Now she's all grown up, and I couldn't be more proud of her. I just really don't understand how she got that old!


Erna said...

I love the picture in this post. Cute! I hope she has a wonderful birthday and doesn't notice the missing dot on the "I" in her cake. ;0) I may not have noticed if you didn't mention it.

Dishywinnie said...

what a cute baby - scary they grow up so fast

aka_Meritt said...

Ahhh yes... sounds similar to my SIL who was pregnant at 16. Doctors have their way of 'getting back' at pregnant teens, no?

Happy Birthday to your baby!

Susie said...

Such a cutie pie! Thanks for sharing your experience. I wish you could have had a nicer doctor. I would think he should go out of his way to be sweet to a young mom.