Monday, June 25, 2007

The fridge is dead, long live the fridge

So, a while ago, somewhere out there in blogland, I saw a meme where people were posting pictures of the inside of their refrigerator. For some it was no problem, their fridge is always neat and tidy. For some it was a chance to be real and honest with the bloggy world. And for some it was the motivation to clear out those science experiments growing in the back. Me, I passed on that particular blogging craze.

When I got home from Tucson a week and a half ago, I made a discovery that was not particularly welcome. My refrigerator was critically ill. It had been having issues for a while now, and I knew the day would come when it would pass on to that place where all refrigerators go. I made the decision to allow it to die with dignity and not take heroic measures to extend it's life, so began the refrigerator death watch. The refrigerator portion was not keeping things cold, so a good portion of the food I bought at Costco the weekend before was gone. The freezer was keeping things cold, but not frozen. My family spent the week encouraging the brave appliance to make it through just one more day, and we were ever so grateful for each additional day we were able to spend with us and have it provide us with a place to keep our foods cold. At the end of last week, our brave refrigerator passed from this place of working appliances to the place where appliances can run and laugh and play free of worry and strife. We pulled the plug. Our brave refrigerator made it to the point where I was able to buy a new refrigerator, and I counted it a blessing that at least part of it functioned a little bit.

Our grief was short lived, as on Saturday, we welcomed a new refrigerator into our home. My daughter has named it Bob. And so now, I am willing to post a picture of the inside of my fridge, and I can guarantee, it will never be this pretty again :P

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