Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Getting to know Sassy

I've mentioned a while ago the email group I've been part of since 1996 when I found out I was pregnant with Sassy. It was a group of moms (and a dad or two)from all over the world who were due to have babies in May of 97. Yes, it's been around that long, and it's been an interesting experience! In honor of our kids 10th birthdays, we are putting together a yearbook, and are including a survey done by the kids. Here are my daughter's answers to that survey.

My Nickname: Racoon Face, Sassy girl
My Mom's Name: Connie
My DOB: 5/4/97
How tall am I? 4'll"
Favorite color? black
Favorite Animals? my cat
Favorite Bands? superchic[k]
Favorite songs? one girl revolution
Favorite TV Shows? sponge bob
Favorite Books? The Series Of Unfortunate Events/Junie B. Jones
My favorite board game is.... Monopoly
My favorite sport is..... talking on the phone

Funniest thing about me: my mom can make up the craziest things to rhyme with my name

My favorite clothes to wear.... my camo pants and turtle shirt

If I were an animal, I'd want to be a .., because... cat,because they can make funny noises and scare little children.....sometimes

When I grow up, I want to be...., because.... teacher because they are veeerrryyy good at scaring little children on purpose

If I were a Superhero, the superpower I'd want would be.. to turn into an invisible cat,so during school,i can be invisible and make a HUGE scratchy noise on the chalkboard

My favorite thing to do with my Mom is...... play animal crossing

My most un-favorite thing to do with my Mom is..... clean my room

What I like to do with my family: go to castles and coasters

I wish my Mom would let me....... stay home alone more often

It would be really cool if kids could... make their mommys clean their rooms(the kids room)

I really like it when Mom cooks.. (bakes)brownies with CHOCOLTE.LOTS AND LOTS OF CHOCOLATE

The chore I HATE the most is... cleaning my room

I'm really good at.... math

My favorite subject in school is... math

I wish I didn't have to learn.... science

True or False:

I like to read. True
I like to write. True
I like to draw. True
I like math. Very True
I like science. Very False
I like history. False

If I were president, I would.... roller skate in the white house

The one "baby story" my mom/dad tells the most about me is... how i used to hate everyone and puke on them on command

Three wishes:

1. more wishes
2. lotsa chocolate
3.even MORE wishes

What does your kid have to say?

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