Monday, July 30, 2007

The end is near

Of summer that is. Tomorrow, July 31st, my 3 youngest go back to school. Yes, it's early, but they get two weeks off for fall, winter and spring breaks, so it all works out. Because of scheduling issues and just plain busy-ness, we didn't get to go to the resort like I wanted. There ws never a day when everybody was able to go. So yesterday, determined to do something fun with them, we headed to a place called Amazing Jakes in Mesa AZ. It's pretty amazing alright. They have indoor puttputt, laser tag, a rock climbing wall, Go-karts, bumper cars, kiddie rides, and even 12 lanes of glow in the dark bowling. We had such a good time! Sassy even had fun, even though she was being contrary in this picture (she's just like that lately for the camera, unless she's the one taking pictures.)

We've got all the school supplies sorted, labeled, and in the appropriate back packs, we've got the uniforms, the gym shoes with laces that are actually white, and the lunch boxes and water bottles all ready to go. The kids are all excited to go back.

I'm not sure I'm all that excited about it though. Sure, the house will be quiet while I'm trying to sleep, but I've kind of enjoyed the schedule we've had this summer. I've enjoyed the extra time I've gotten to spend with them while not having to worry about spelling lists, homework folders and signing the planners. I won't even mention the three daily trips to the school I am doomed to make this year. I think it's pretty much going to be me saying "But I don't want to go to school today..."

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aka_Meritt said...

Just reading that made me almost tear up... I'm SO NOT READY for summer to be over - it only just begun!!!!!

(Aug. 21st is the start of school for us)

Erna said...

That looks like a fun place indeed!

I had to laugh when I read your thoughts about not being ready to go to school. :0)