Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Another installment of slightly amusing kid stuff

On Sunday I caught Snugglebutt (aged 7 and a half) and removed a layer of fur from his head. The kid has some wild hair - it's not sure if it wants to be blond or brown, curly or straight. When any longer than say, 3/4 inch, it just goes every which way. So I buzzed him. I can give a fairly decent clipper cut, it comes from growing up watching my sister do hair. Plus, it's not exactly rocket science. He was less than thrilled, but I told him when he can keep his hair combed and neat, he can let it grow longer. Until then, he gets buzzed. He apparently had been thinking about that, because he mentioned it again yesterday when he came home from school. Someone on the school bus called him Baldy. (3/8ths of an inch is not bald! It's just short!!) So he said "Do you really mean it that you will let me have longer hair if I can keep it neat?" I assured him that I meant what I said. He got all excited and said "OK!! You better start feeding me lots of vitamin B then, cuz I'm growing my hair out!"

You know, if he hadn't been born at home, sometimes I would wonder if he wasn't switched at birth...

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CUTE! (((((HUGS))))) sandi