Monday, August 27, 2007

Can't say I didn't see that coming

I mentioned that I got myself a bike for my birthday. Because I'm 40 now, a few pounds overweight, and I really do need to get off my posterior end and exercise. Not necessarily to get skinny, but to be healthy. So I decided to do something nice for me and bought a bike. A pretty blue and white one. I've had it about a month, but have only gotten to ride it twice, mainly because it's still so stinking hot here. I guess I should say I HAD it about a month. It was stolen yesterday, right from my garage. Yes, the door was open, because a certain nameless 15 year old didn't close it after she took out the trash, even after I told her "make sure you close the garage door." Of course that was met with "I know, mom" followed by the obligatory eye roll. But still, they came into my garage, which is adjacent to the living room and kitchen. And they had to have carried it out because the wheels were locked together with a very strong cable. The thing is, it's not the first time a bike has been stolen from our garage, which is why I have been trying to make sure the garage door stays closed. The big people in my house have not had good luck with bikes. Sam has actually had 2 stolen, one from the garage, and one from his job when he had a part time job at a fast food restaurant about a mile away. I didn't bother to call the police, I work for them and know what kind of attention a stolen bike gets :P Of course it technically does count as a burglary since they came into the garage, but all that changes is an officer would have to be sent out on a very low priority report call. While I'm not surprised that my bike was stolen, I am upset about it. I am so fed up with crime :P

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aka_Meritt said...

This pisses me off!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ok - so I may hate where we live sometimes but my kids regularly forget to put their bikes away and they are laying in our front yard... these are $100 bikes too - but yes, they are still there in the morning.

Erna said...

So sad. :0(

Michelle said...

My hubby, just before we were married got his very nice bike stolen from the back of his covered pick-up!

He went through a phase where if he saw a bike that looked like his he's yell . . ."Hey! That's my bike." And that is pretty much as close as we ever got to getting it back.

It's just so wrong!