Friday, August 10, 2007


Life is a little crazy right now. The kids have been in school for a week, and already I'm feeling like I'm ready for school to be out. I miss my kids. I miss having some control of my life. I miss the money I had to pay for the two younger ones to take a bus from the high school to their school. I miss the time out of my life I spend in the car driving to school and waiting for the bus to get there, because working nights, there's just so few daylight hours when I'm conscious. Of course, it would be worse if they didn't take the bus, because then I'd be in the car for an extra hour or so a day. If I haven't mentioned it before, their school is 12.5 miles away. Why? Because public schools in this state mostly really aren't very good. Like, umm, 49th in the country. So my kids go to a "school of choice."

I was really enjoying our summertime schedule - I got home from work at 7, I'd sleep till noon, get up, spend time with the kids, make dinner, and then take a nap before I had to be at work at 11. I actually got stuff done too. Now the schedule looks something like this:
7 am - leave work
7:20 - arrive home
7:21-7:25 Make sure everybody has lunch/homework/folder/planner/backpack, and that they aren't wearing the shirt from yesterday or one green and one blue sock (although Sassy does this on purpose and you know, at this point, if she wants to wear mismatched socks, I think it's pretty evident that I am not the one who dressed her.)
7:26 - drive to DQ's school
7:35 - arrive at DQ's school
7:35 - wait in line to pull into the parking lot at DQ's school
7:38 - If I'm lucky, the kids are out of my car by 7:38
7:48 - arrive back at home
7:48-8:30 - check email, check blogs, look at news websites to see if any of my calls made the news. These days it doesn't happen much because let's face it, it's not all that unusual in this city for someone to get shot to death. It's just not news.
8:30 - try to sleep
9:00 - try to sleep
9-11 - sleep
11:00 - potty break
12:00 - need a drink of water
12:45 - ggp - AGAIN!
1:30 - look at the clock and sigh
2-2:45 - doze until the alarm goes off
2:45 - get up and try to become alert/presentable enough to be fit for stepping outside my door.
3:00 - leave to meet the bus at the high school.
3:10 - if I'm lucky, there won't be a queue of cars waiting to get into the parking lot of the school and I am able to find a parking space. I'm not usually lucky.
3:12 - if I'm lucky and I find a space, I settle in for the wait. Because see, the bus doesn't get there until at least 3:30. But that's also when the 7th and 8th grades get out of school. So there are parents all over the place trying to pick their kids up. After all, this is a school of choice, and they only provide limited transportation (and that is for quite a hefty fee.) It's really not that big of a school, there are probably only 300 kids there max and that's 7-12. But the parking lot is really really tiny.
3:38 - bus arrives at the school, but can't get through the queue.
3:45 - bus pulls up to where it will let students off
3:45 - throng of jr. high/high school students push in front of the parents waiting for their children so they can pick up their siblings.
3:53 - my kids are off the bus, 3rd to last ones.
3:54 - the traffic is almost as bad getting out as it is going in.
4:10 - arrive home, cook dinner, check planners, remind kids to change out of their uniforms, encourage the swift completion of homework, listen to excuses why they can't do their homework, how they already did their homework, or how they just didn't have any homework (riiiiiiiiight...)
5:20 - dinner's just about done, but now it's time to go get DQ from play practice/speech team/student counsel/whatever activity du jour.
5:30 - arrive back at the school. For the third time. This time, there is mercifully no queue. It's get in, get the kid, get out.
5:40 - put the finishing touches on dinner.
6:00 - dinner with the family, at least the ones who are home.
6:30 - get things ready for work - what I want to take with me to keep myself awake alert at work, my "lunch" (that I eat at 2:45 am) and anything else I need to take, like my headset, my ID badge, and my notebook that contains tons and tons of information pertinent to the job (that I never use.) Also get out uniforms for at least Snugglebutt for the next day.
6:45 - give reminders to bathe/finish homework/clean the kitchen/wash some stinkin towels for goodness sakes, and give hugs and kisses before I lay down to try to get some more sleep before work.
7:00 - pass out from sheer exhaustion.
8:45 - I swear I didn't drink all that much before laying down, why do I need to go so bad?!
9:30 - wake with a start when the alarm goes off, but remember I really don't have to be up for another 20 minutes.
9:50 - Even though I'm disoriented, I know I want to smash my alarm clock with a sledge hammer. But if I want a decent break time, a decent chair, and a place to sit with the phone on the right, I need to get up now.
10:20 - leave for work
10:57 - plug my headset in and pray I stay awake for the next 8 hours.
7am - lather, rinse, repeat.

And I'm pretty worthless on my night off, unless it's 3am. Then, I'm functional. Just, nobody else is.

Did I say I miss summer?

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Grafted Branch @ Restoring the Years said...

Let me say two things. Both are *meant* to be helpful, so I hope that one or the other is. ;)

First, the Lord sees you and this crazy, crazy schedule. Because it is. Insane. I'll never complain again.

He knows that you are doing your very best to be a good steward of what He's given you. And I'm convinced that He will make your path straight. He will exalt you and honor your efforts. He will make it to be well with you.

Having said that...homeschooling is easier. Much easier. *hint, hint*

Connie said...

Oh Grafted my friend, everyday I think of homeschooling, and everyday I remember, what a complete and total organizational nightmare I really am. But yes, the thought has not only crossed my mind, it's run marathons inside it!

Erna said...

It was exhausting just reading that. You are one busy Mom. Wow! I'd wish for summer too! ;0)

(I also enjoyed the pics from the play you attended.)

Rebekah said...

Aahhh, the schedule of a working mom. Ugh. I loved the activity of night shift but I know it makes for a crazy home life. Prayers to you