Monday, August 20, 2007

Yearly inventory #2

It's that time of year again – no, it's not Christmas, it's not tax season, it's not even football season... at least not yet. No, it's that time of year when I look at my life and say “What the heck happened? Just yesterday I was 25!” But no, that was actually 15 years ago. Today, I leave my 30's behind and with mixed feelings face being 40. So that means it's time for my yearly inventory of my life, like I posted last year.

What is your favorite color? Green
What is your favorite food? A good steak if you're talking about real food, but I am a chocoholic.
What is your favorite song? At the moment probably Oh My God by Jars of Clay off of Good Monsters, and Signature of Divine by NeedToBreathe
What is your most valued possession? Aside from my Bible, my camera, and the thousands of pictures I've taken over the years, I'd say the diamond pendant that my mom gave me. That and that paddle she used to use on us on is the only thing I have from her.
What is your greatest strength? My simple faith, my compassion for others
What is your greatest weakness? Food, I have no willpower, laziness
What is your best skill? Well, I can pick up some things with my toes, but I can't juggle or anything...
What was your greatest mistake? My answer a year ago was pretty much a lifetime answer, so this question I'll answer for the past year – in the past year my biggest mistake has been feeling like I had to have a friend/coworker's significant other replace my A/C for me once she offered. I should have declined the offer, but they both seemed enthusiastic about it. It's been nothing but problems, and I'm so ticked off at myself because I didn't feel like I could just say “no thanks.” To be truthful, I thought it would be beneficial to both of us at first – a deal for me and extra money for them, which I know they need, but now that problems have come up, I'm getting the “I was trying to do you a favor” line... ok but when I've spent $5400 and it's 92 degrees in my house, and I've already spent a night in a hotel because of not having A/C, I'm having a hard time seeing the favor. Lesson definitely learned.
What is your greatest fear? Dying while my children are young and leaving them orphans. And to be honest with myself, I'm also kind of afraid of rejection. Might be the reason I haven't even attempted to date since my ex's arrest 3.5 years ago.
What is your greatest accomplishment? My kids. They are decent caring human beings. Most of the time. Brag time – recently one of our officers was killed in a car accident while off duty. The communications bureau where I work was having a bake sale to raise funds to donate to the family. I was telling the kids about it, and how we raised $4100 in the last one for the officer who was killed in the line of duty in July (it's been hard times for our dept lately :( ) 3 of my kids immediately wanted to bake things to contribute. I was content to contribute by donating money.
What is the one task you are least fond of doing? Anything which attempts to combat the law of entropy.
If your life ended today, what is the one thing everybody who knows you would say about you? I'm not really sure. I don't think it's my business to know really.
What would you want them to say? We loved her
Why wouldn't or couldn't they say what you want them to say? Not many people know me very well anymore.

Where am I? I'm a single mom in Arizona, I have a love/hate relationship with my job these days, but mostly I'm content.
How did I get here? Overcame a whole lot of crap, depended on God, and worked very hard.
What was I trying to accomplish by making that decision? Just trying to take care of my family the best I can.
What do I really want? To move forward from where I am now. There is a part of me that wants a relationship, and there is a part that absolutely does not. What I really want to is to always be content with what I have, but be willing to take the chance to make things better for those around me.
How can I get to where I want to be from here? Keep trusting God, it's the key to everything.

Things I don't like about me: I'm lazy, I hate housework, mess does not bother me, I can be pretty selfish, I am impatient, I am not outgoing and friendly enough, and I'm terrible about keeping in touch with people, and I'm not nearly as trusting as I used to be. These answers are the same as last year, I see no reason to change them. I'm also not the best at managing money.

Things I like about me: I am honest, I'm a good friend, I'm a good mom, and I love God.

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Susie said...

This was such a great way to get to know you better. My favorite answer you gave was, "Keep trusting God, it's the key to everything." I think you need a big pat on the bag, because you ROCK as a mom. Overcoming so much, and relying on God, has been a true testimony. Happy Birthday!!! I only have a few more months, and I reach the big 4 0 too.

Erna said...

I wrote you a comment last night but my computer shut down. :0( So, I'll say today, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!" I enjoyed reading your inventory and am considering doing one on my blog. I hope you don't mind if I use your questions. :0) Have a wonderful week!!!