Thursday, September 20, 2007

1 week...

Until VACATION!!!!!! No, I'm not looking forward to it at all.

I'm finishing up with my current trainee this week. She's doing really well, and I have great confidence she will be a fantastic 911 operator. This morning we had a caller reporting an accident involving a fire hydrant, and so we called the water department to let them know it would need to be repaired. After that, we discussed why we would call the water department and not the fire department to fix the fire hydrant. Our next call was from a lady who said "My water just broke!" Trainee stammered a little bit, and then said "oh, ok! Let me get you on the line with the fire department for medical help" and transfered the call. I asked what the hesitation was, and she said "I almost told her to call the water department! We can't do anything about water problems!"

It's been a tough time at work though. On Tuesday we had another officer killed in the line of duty. There was one in July (on the same day the news helicopters collided in midair, if you heard about that) then a couple days later there was an officer killed in a car accident. 2 months later, and here we go again. As with the last line of duty death, this officer was shot trying to arrest someone, and both were shot in the face. That breaks my heart. They were both husbands and fathers, both had two small children. The one on Tuesday survived two bouts with cancer and was determined to get back on the streets. He was offered a desk job, and he turned it down. He'd been back on his beat about a month after beating cancer only to have this hoodlum gun him down. I guess I'm pretty angry about it. I didn't know him, but I didn't need to. Is it the whole country or just this city that seems to be so much more violent than it used to be? Lord please come soon.

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Grafted Branch @ Restoring the Years said...

"Lord please come soon."

The only good thing that comes from such tragedy is our true, renewed desire for the Lord to call an end to this age.

I'm sorry, Friend. I know the Department is close-knit; you didn't have to know the officer personally to be affected. :(

Rebekah said...

Thats funny about the 'water'.
I am sorry about all the tragedy. This job is depressing at times.