Thursday, September 27, 2007

I refuse to go to work tonight.

Or tomorrow night, or the next night, or the night after that... for the next 16 nights in fact!! AND YOU CAN'T MAKE ME, NEENER NEENER NEENER! Because I'm officially on vacation! I'm telling you, those last few hours this morning felt like a few weeks, but here I am!

While I'm on vacation I want to:
Clean up my yard. Because hooboy, you don't even know. It needs it.

Declutter my house. Yeah. Bulk trash pick up is coming up soon, yeeeeeeehaw!

Go somewhere. I'm not sure where. But at least overnight, I wanna get out of Dodge. Looks like I'm going to have to leave out at least one kid. If I plan it so Sam can go, DQ won't get to. If I plan it so DQ can go, Sam won't get to. But DQ is going to Ohio on Oct. 6th. Not that anybody else really would want to go there, it's still a trip away from here.

Make caramel apples with the kids.

Visit with my niece from Ohio, which I will actually get to do because she'll be here!!! And guess what?! She's pregnant! With her first baby! I'm so excited for her! Yeah, I don't know if I mentioned it, but my sister is a grandma! I have a great-niece now, because my nephew's girlfriend had a baby. They live in Montana and I haven't even seen a picture of her :( So when I turned 40 this August, that fact didn't help me feel any younger. But at least I reached 40 without being a grandma myself... so... But I can't wait to see my niece with a baby bump!

Go clothes shopping with DQ. She is in serious need of pants. Oh the poor thing... she had a mishap the other night on stage during their performance of the one-act plays they've been practicing all year. It involved squatting, and the back of her pants. I didn't notice, but I guess other people did. She said "didn't you see me kinda squatting for the rest of the scene?!?!" Well no, dear, you were playing a CHIMP!!!

Cook. I want to make stuff to put in the freezer so I can not have to use my brain on dinner so often.

But I think the main thing I want to do, is of course, SLEEP!!

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Janean said...

BooYAH! Go have some fun, girlfriend!
I agree with the yard thing. I did that last weekend. Which was good because right now? IT's POURING DOWN RAIN!
Getting out of town sounds like a blast and shopping...ummm, YAH!
I wish I had the time and energy to do the dinner thing. It is easier right now the way my schedule is, but still. Not one of my fav jobs.
Vacation time! Paaartay!