Saturday, September 29, 2007

A little bit of homeschooling

This morning, the kids and I were doing some yard work. Snugglebutt (age 7) was bemoaning the fact that he doesn't have enough money to buy the video game he wants. So he asked me how people get money. I said that usually, they work for it. I reminded him of the fact that I go to work 5 nights a week and work for the money I get. He wanted to know how employers got money to pay their employees, so we had an impromptu economy class. Then, it was on to science, where this little guy was our guest instructor. I'd love to be able to homeschool full time, but I guess I'll take what I can get.

And now that our yard looks a lot better (I won't say good - you can't go from frightening to neat just like that!) we're all ready for a nap.



I just wanted to say Hi - I hope you are enjoying your Vacation!!!!

I have totally enjoyed your blogs and is nice to know that even many states away the job all sounds the same. (from one dispatcher to another)

Erna said...

What a cool pic! Learning takes place all over doesn't it? Fun! (Don't worry! I'd scream over creepy crawlies too! I do an operatic scream when I see big black spiders in our home. If a man is around, he's commandeered to kill it. If not, I keep my operatic tone until it's in the garbage b/c I miss the thing too much! Yuck! Rachel laughs at me all the time.)