Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Almost over

Anybody know a way to slow down time so that Saturday doesn't come so fast? I have to go back to work Saturday night. So how did I do on my list?

I wanted to:
Clean up my yard - well, it's not perfect, but it's wayyyy better than it was.

Declutter my house - a work in progress, but some progress has been made.

Go somewhere - CHECK!

Make caramel apples - CHECK! and YUM!

Visit with my niece from Ohio - I'm spending Friday with her, and taking her to Sedona. Yes, I definitely can handle that place twice in two weeks (plus I wasn't there long last week.) Then I'm making her fettucine alfredo. yum.

Go clothes shopping with DQ - nope didn't do that. She is presently in Ohio until Saturday visiting her dad. So if they haven't bought her some clothes there (which they usually do) I'll take her next week.

Cook stuff put in the freezer - yeah, no.

Sleep - CHECK! I feel somewhat human again. And it's amazing how my outlook changes when I'm well rested.

Overall, this vacation has been just what I needed, and I'm thankful to God for that.

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Janean said...

COUNTDOWN! I was thinking about you lots yesterday while we were doing our county full-scale exercise. Listening to all the radio traffic made me think of you and all the work you do.
I've had an urge to do carmel apples too! Must be that time of year. :D

dishywinnie said...

hey well done on your list - I tend to find I just move my clutter around- must try harder