Saturday, October 13, 2007

Lost and Found

A few years ago for my birthday my sister gave me a beautiful ring. It's a very unusual ring, with a large center stone which is my birthstone, a peridot, and 5 small diamonds on each side. I'm sure it was a very expensive ring. She was born in August also, her birthday is 10 days after mine. This ring was one that she bought a long time ago, and decided that it represented a time in her life that she had moved on from, so she didn't feel the need to hang on to it anymore. So she gave it to me. I have no problem at all with hand-me-down diamonds :P But really, I'm not much of a jewelry wearer. I have a diamond pendant that my mother gave me, and this ring my sister gave me, and that's pretty much it as far as high quality jewelry goes. I don't know why, I just forget to wear it. But I was wearing this ring for a while. Then one day I took it off, probably while I was sleeping but I really don't remember, and a few days later, I realized I wasn't wearing the ring. I looked for it without results, but figured it would turn up one of these days, and was probably under my bed somewhere. I'm not even sure how long it's been since I took it off, but I know I haven't had it for a while. With my niece in town (this sister's daughter) I've been thinking about that ring, and hoping and praying I would find it. The other day, I got a new mattress set, so while pulling the old out, I looked for that ring. And I didn't find it. I have wondered on and off if I took it off at work and left it at one of the stations and someone picked it up. So I kind of gave up hope after it wasn't there when I moved the bed.

Now I will tell you that I am a very disorganized person, a bit messy, and I lose things on a regular basis. In fact, right now, I'm not sure what I did with a check I got in the mail the other day for $250. Ok, I REALLY need to be more organized and careful. I know this. So, it's really not all that surprising that I lost this ring.

Yesterday I spent the day with my niece, and we went to Sedona, my very favorite place on earth. I've not been feeling too well lately, I've had a cold, but she wanted to get together anyway. It was great seeing her! But on our little trip, I had forgotten my chap stick, which is absolutely necessary even when I don't have a cold. With a cold, I was suffering without it. I stopped at a little shop in Tlaquepaque, a very beautiful arts and crafts village in Sedona (it's pronounced talakapakie, in case you are wondering) and bought some lip balm. It was darned expensive lip balm too! $3.50!! But it was very nice, very soothing lip balm, and I liked it very much. When I got home I put the lip balm on my night stand so it would be close by in the middle of the night when I woke up all stuffed up and dried out as I knew I would. But sometime during the night, I knocked the precious lip balm off of my night stand. And you got, now I can't find it.

But guess what I found while looking for the lip balm? My ring! It was right there on the floor by the night stand, I'm not sure how I missed it the thousands of times I looked there! I'm so thrilled to have the ring back!

Isn't that just like God though? Sometimes when you give up the hope of being able to do it on your own, that's when God gives you what you desire most.

Sassy and my niece at Tlaquepaque, Sedona Arizona


Janean said...

Yes, I was wondering how to pronounce that!

Hooray for the ring! What a blessing. I think you'd rather have the ring than the chapstick. :D

That happened to me when #2 was born. Hubby put my wedding rings in his pocket. His mom washed his clothes thinking she was helping. ONE YEAR to the day it fell out of her washing machine into a load of jeans. I wish my grandmothers' ring that went with it had reappeared, but we can't get everything.

Michelle said...

Yes, I love that God is that way! And I expect any time now to stumble upon the new nursing braclet a friend just gave me . . .now where did I put that . .????
Of course your ring is MUCH more valuable.

Ann said...

Ooh, reminds me of the parable of the woman and the lost coin! I'm glad God found it for you!

Erna said...

How awesome to have found your ring just out of the blue! God is good! (Love the pictures and have no clue what the newest one is.)