Friday, October 26, 2007

A real nailbiter

This weekend is the rebid at work - it's where they set the schedule for next year according to seniority. We have almost 300 employees on the floor between 911 and dispatch, so what they do is give each employee an assigned time to call in to choose what spot they want for next year - which shift with which days off. I'm somewhere in the middle of that list of employees, and my assigned time to call is tomorrow at 1:50pm. There are currently 4 spots open that have the days off I want. Just 4, they've gotten through maybe 40 employees. I would love so much to keep my current schedule - 3rd shift with Thursday/Friday off, but it's iffy! Of course, there are always changes mid-year, but if I can get it this year on the rebid, I won't stress out so much in future years :P Think TF for me please!

Update: Ok, maybe it wasn't such a nailbiter after all. I knew the spot I wanted was doomed this morning shortly after I got home from work, and by the time I got up shortly after noon, they were all gone. It kind of irritates me, because people who are radio trained can work either four ten hour days or five 8 hour days, but 911 people can only work the five 8's. There were a grand total of 5 spots with weekend days that were five 8's, but several more available for radio trained people. There ended up being one 911 person on 3rd shift with a weekend day off. I'm really disappointed, for several reasons. Thursday/Friday off was working so well for us, because when DQ has a play, it's a lot easier to be able to attend, and it was easier for her to have a social life with me having Fridays off. But I'll confess that the biggest reason I wanted those days off is because weekends at 911 can be awful, and I was rather enjoying having to only work one of the crazy nights. I really hate weekends at my job, I actually dread weekends during the summer (20 calls on hold until 4:30am is not fun.) I'm really not looking forward to having to deal with that again 2 nights a week on a regular basis. I'll put in my request for a change, but who knows when that would happen. So with not getting what I wanted, it came down to did I want Sunday/Monday off, or Tuesday/Wednesday. I figured with either of those two, I'd have more opportunity to go to church, which I rarely do now. I could go Wednesday nights, or just not go to sleep after work on Sunday knowing I didn't have to work that night and go Sunday morning. I could have easily chosen first shift, but that wouldn't work for us, because then I'd have to have someone else take the kids to school. In the end, the thing that decided it was - if I'm off Sunday/Monday, I have two days to recover from the weekend before I have to go back to that place. Now I'm going to go mope for a while.


Ann said...

I'm sorry you didn't get the slots you wanted. It's too bad that they don't have a system where you get to keep your current days UNLESS you want to trade, then they go in the "kitty" to get divvied out...

Glad you will be able to go to church!

Michelle said...

I'm sorry.