Friday, November 02, 2007

The gray and white kitty

Got out. It was a few days ago, Tuesday I think. We haven't seen her since. She had been an indoor cat, so she wasn't used to be outside. I'm kind of worried about her, but I can't say I miss her. If she found a basket with clothes in it (which happened more than I'd like to admit) she peed in it, and the thing even went on Sassy's backpack. Even still, Sassy (the 10 year old) is the only one in the house who could even touch the cat, but poor Sassy. A couple years ago we had a cat that was the same way, it was decidedly Sassy's cat, and that one died. This one was also Sassy's cat, and now she's gone too. She's taking this one well, but I think she's just being brave.


Janean said...

#2 is a cat-nut as well. We have two and for some reason they really gravitate toward her. Odd. Maybe they know how much she needs the comfort?

Maybe you can find another cat that doesn't have the potty issues!

Jeff Keith said...

I am sorry to hear about your cat getting out. Thank you for visiting my site. Your faith in God inspires me!

Grafted Branch @ Restoring the Years said...

I'm sorry if Sassy's sad. Truly. It's hard to not know what happened to a pet...even a very bad pet that urinates on your clothes.

And yours sounds like a very bad pet. You'll be better off--practically speaking, of course--without it. :)

Love Bears All Things said...

I wonder how old the cat was? I've heard that cats sometimes have naughty bathroom habits as the age. I've seen all kinds. Lucky me this time. My Smokey has never had an accident since he's been mine. The only two times he got sick and upchucked, he went to the rug under his litter box to do it.
If Sassy was really attached to the cat, I bet she is grieving. Bless her heart.
Mama Bear

Michelle said...

SO sorry . . .for Sassy.
I have a love/hate for cats too. I do love them, but dawg-gone-it when they pee like that!!!!

No worries, cats are survivers!

Tina said...

My first cat I ever had was an outdoor cat. In January last year he was sitting on my balcony for some days before I saw him and let him in (it was e VERY cold week). That's how he "adopted" me. He was so sweet and gentle, followed me like a little dog... One day in November (almost a year ago) he didn't come back from his morning walk. I still kind of wait... It's hard if you don't know what happened. Poor Sassy!

Robyn Jones said...

If it makes you feel any better...we have horrible luck with cats....We have had several who were eaten by foxes....we had one fall down the steps and actually break her nose...the same one was killed by a dog later....One of our cats got stuck up a tree and then shipped off by a neighborhood kid to the SPCA because he didn't like my daughter...Off we went to rescue him...the same cat later fell down the chimney of the grease truck next door, and nearly cooked himself..first in the grease pit, and then in the truck because he was in there about 8 hours on a summer day before we found him....finally he crawled into the dryer behind my back without making a sound...well that wasn't pretty either. One cat moved out to the neighbors on her own. I can't say I blame isn't safe for cats at my house!LOL!