Sunday, December 23, 2007

7 weird christmas things

Weird? Me? I don't know what you're talking about... my friend Janean posted 7 weird things about her - the Christmas version, so I thought I'd play along.

1) I loathe the song Christmas Shoes. I turn off the radio and scream at it if that song comes on. I just really detest that song. Why? It's not because my mother died of cancer 3 days after Christmas when I was 10, it's really not. It's because I loathe almost any song that exists only to make you cry. He's my son by Mark Schultz - hate it. Butterfly Kisses, can't stand that one either.

2) I'm usually too disorganized to get Christmas cards together and out the door. I feel bad. To a point anyway.

3) Most years, I don't start shopping until December 22nd. This year, I finished on December 22nd.

4) I always cry during Silent Night at the candle light service on Christmas eve. Because I remember singing that song with my mom in July when we would work on jigsaw puzzles together.

5) I remember one Christmas my 3 sisters and I begged our mom to please let us open all of our gifts on Christmas eve. After much whining, begging, and pleading, she gave in. In fact, she let us stay up all night opening presents and playing with our stuff. I don't think we went to bed until 4 or 5 am. And wow, were we crabby the next day. That Christmas wasn't all that much fun.

6) We don't do Santa at our house. It started before I became a Christian and wanted to focus on the birth of our Savior. It started for two reasons - because when my oldest was little, I was a single parent and worked darn hard for the money to buy her presents. I didn't want the credit to go to some fat white guy who wears fur, abuses reindeer and exploits little people ;) And because I was very very upset when I found out the truth. I felt lied to and betrayed. But then I felt better because I couldn't understand why Santa brought my cousin a lot of presents, and just about anything she asked for, but not me. I hated the "you-better-be-good-Santa's-watching!" junk the adults used to pull. I still do. Yeah, you're right, therapy might not be a bad idea... I'm so glad that's not how God works. I choose to celebrate that baby who was born to die for my sins.

7) How we're celebrating Christmas this year might be considered weird to some. We're going to grill steaks on the side of a mountain again, like we did last year. We'll hike and play games, and have ourselves a cookout. It won't be a white Christmas, but that's just the way I like it.


Rebekah said...

I hate the Christmas shoes song too. I don't anyone who likes it so why do they play it so much
Silent night always brings tears to my eyes... every time.
Grilling steak on a mountain side sounds good to me!

Debbie C. said...

I don't think you're weird at all. I share some of your "weirdness" then. We don't do Santa either. Hope you have a lovely Christmas, the steaks sound great!!

Joanne said...

My first time here...I found you through Rebekah's blog. Your feelings about sappy songs made me crack up. My husband is the same way. I am the complete opposite. I am a sucker for that stuff. My mom died of cancer too and I guess I like to poke myself in the eye.

I enjoyed perusing your blog. Merry Christmas!
p.s. I am a dispatcher too!!

Robyn Jones said...

I am glad that I am not the only one who doesn't start shopping till the 22.....I am such a procrastinator....

Love Bears All Things said...

Well, I think Christmas should be celebrated however one wants. I like the idea of a hike and grilling steaks. I've often thought I'd like to just go on a vacation, just J & I and come back after all the hullaballoo is over.
Mama Bear