Monday, December 31, 2007

One of those days

Ok, so DQ in Ohio, so 18 year old Sam is it right now in terms of child care. So I told him before DQ left that I needed to know his work schedule ASAP so that if he had to work when I do, I could arrange for someone to be here with the two younger kids until he gets home. When he told me his schedule, there were no days in there that he had to work late, and so I thought "no problem." Yesterday (Sunday) he told me he was working 10am till 3pm. Except when I got up at noon, he was here. He said he made a mistake, he had to be at work at 3. I didn't think much of it, because when he told me his schedule, there were no nights he was scheduled to close. So when 10:30pm rolled around, and he wasn't here, I was a little concerned. I called him, and he was still at work. Now, normally, he's a bright, good kid, and tries to think of others. But I think he has some kind of a mental block when it comes to me going to work. I mean, my schedule only changes once a year, and the hours never change. I've had to be at work at 11pm on Sunday night every Sunday for the past 3 years, except for vacations. After a lecture about communication and telling me when his schedule was different than what he said it would be, he apologized and said he was on his way home(I don't know, it might be his own work schedule he has issues with, he's been wrong more than once...) I don't know why he wouldn't get that he needs to TELL ME! Because, my job kind of puts a roof over his head, clothes on his back, and food in his belly! So I didn't even leave my house until 11, which is what time I was supposed to be there. I called the supervisor and she was understanding. So I should have been only 15-20 minutes late.

Until I saw the flashing red and blue lights behind me. Yeah. If it was a Phoenix cop, I most likely would have been told to slow down and have a nice day. No. It was a highway patrol cop. "So, where ya going?" "Work. I'm already late." "Where do you work?" Phoenix mumble mumble mumble "what's that?" Man, I just know I was as red as the flashing lights on his squad car. "Phoenix Police Communications." "Oh. Ok, I'll be right back." At least 10 minutes later, he comes back and gives me a written warning. So phew - no fine, no points, and I might be able to get away without TELLING MY SUPERVISOR that I was pulled over! Because, that's policy. Any contact with any police anywhere, we're supposed to tell our supervisor. WRITTEN policy. Because I really don't want to have to tell my supervisor that I was going 70mph down the black canyon freeway, where the speed limit is 55. Because I wouldn't even be able to blame it on Sam being late, because I do it on a regular basis!

Ok, so then I get to work and because I am almost never late, my supervisor is kind, and she lets me use comp time for the now 45 minutes that I'm late, so that means it doesn't count as an unscheduled absence. Good news. So I get settled in and do my job, until lunch time, when I had a decision to make. Do I go in the quiet room and take a nap since I've only had 4 hours of sleep, or do I eat my salad because I am pretty much starving? The salad won out, so I brought it back to my station to eat. I got the salad on the plate, but when I stood up to throw something away, I knocked the chair, which bumped the desk, which knocked my salad onto the floor. Face down. Ok, most of it wasn't so bad. Lettuce, dried cranberries, and walnuts, those are easy to clean up, and I hadn't put the dressing on yet. That feta cheese though, was a little tougher. You know the odor of feta is not really all that pleasant when you smell it for very long. I looked for something to clean it up with, but wouldn't you know, not a dust buster in the whole bureau. I asked the supervisor if there was something I could use to clean it up with, and she said to go find the housekeeper and ask her to do it. I felt bad, she cleans up after us so much already. She's a sweet girl, I don't want to make more work for her. But there went my lunch. My obnoxious coworker (with whom I get along well because he's obnoxious) kept poking fun of me and I could see the humor in how my day was going so far. I was just kind of afraid to move at that point.

I was so happy when it was finally time to go home, because I was really tired. I considered taking surface streets home rather than the freeway, because I was still smarting over being stopped by the highway patrol. But the desire to get home as quickly as possible won out. I figured there wasn't much that would go wrong at home! But when I went to check my email, the interenet wasn't working on my laptop. I debated leaving it alone, but then decided that I should at least check in to why it wasn't working. So I went into the living room, and there was a strange laptop in there, with the ethernet cable from my modem plugged into it. I have no idea who it belongs to, but yeah, I'm a little more ticked at Sam. I don't mind if he lets his friends get on our network with their laptops, however, I want it to be working and available when I, the one WHO PAYS FOR IT! wants to use it. At least put it back the way it was when you're done!

When I was in my room, I thought it felt a little cold and wondered if I'd left a window open, but then when I went to the kitchen, it felt like the air conditioner was on. So I stuck my hand up by the vent, and sure enough, cold air. So my less than 6 month old heating and A/C unit is BLOWING COLD AIR when it's supposed to be heating the house! Ahhh, but at least it's Phoenix and it's only freezing at night!

But, tonight is new years, and I have to work. New years eve at 911 is a pretty hopping place! But hopefully I'll be able to get through it without getting pulled over on my way to work and spilling stinky cheese all over the floor.

May you have a happy and safe New Year, and a blessed 2008!


Rebekah said...

Days like that just STINK! I can't believe you have to report any contact with an officer. I guess I can understand the point to some degree.
Hope you have a much Happier New Year than they way it ended ;)

Debbie C. said...

Well, you gotta admit that you really had an exciting last couple of days of 2007!! I hope your 2008starts a little less stressful and a little easier for you. Blessings!!

Michelle said...

MAN! Seriously! What a day!!!
And what a way to END a year.

Happy (and good) New year to you!

Joanne said...

WHEW! I felt your pain...

Remind me to tell you sometime how my friend lost her job as a 911 dispatcher after getting a ticket from an officer from another state.

You had to work New Year's Eve?!? How long have you been dispatching, could you have gotten it off?

I met my future husband on a New Years Day shift. We had just had a homicide and he was the officer who was the lucky one to take the report. Ah, love!

Happy New Year...Joanne