Thursday, December 20, 2007

School angst

Apparently, my almost 8 year old has it. This morning he was crying that his stomach hurt. I mean real honest to goodness tears. It seemed like he was having sharp pains so I assumed that he was at the beginning of a stomach bug. Reluctantly, I said he could stay home. As soon as I said that, he started skipping around the house. So I made him get dressed and go to school! He was fine at school, fine at the library, fine at the park... but now he's whining that his stomach hurts again. So he said "ugh, I'm not going to be able to go to school tomorrow. I think you should take me to the doctor." I told him if he throws up, he can stay home. His response? "I'll try." Little stinker! But now I wonder what is making him not want to go. He's been having a pretty good year so I'm not sure what this is about. Unless it's that his teacher is out having a baby, that could well be it. Well, after tomorrow, he's got two weeks off. Lucky!


Debbie C. said...

I had to laugh when I read the part where he said "I'll try" in relation to throwing up!! Kids are so funny - it's probably nothing, may be just the fact that he knows it's Christmas with all the preparations and talk and fuss about it everywhere and he's just ready. I hope everything works out for him and you!!

Janean said...

What a coincidence! My 8 year old is doing the SAME THING. She cries everyday after school, though, saying she hates it and doesn't ever want to go back. Nothing specific...everyday it's a different reason.
Maybe it's just "holiday stress"? Mine get 16 days off. I think I may go find a part time job - cuz they're drivin me insane already. :D LOL