Thursday, January 03, 2008

Just stuff

New years eve wasn't nearly as bad as I expected it to be. I expected it to be bad because last year on new years, it was pretty much horrendous - 40 calls on hold for an hour or so, over 1000 calls in the first hour and 3000 from midnight to 7am. I was ready to quit if one more person screamed at me over the phone. This year, the phones didn't even explode until midnight and even then there were only 13 calls on hold. In the first hour, we only had about 800 calls. The best part was when I got there, my supervisor said to me "when the stuff hits the fan, I don't want you to take calls. I want you to call all the 911 hang ups back." SWEET! We had the fan ready, but the stuff never did hit. I called 3 people. By all accounts, it was the easiest calmest new years our department has seen in many years. I don't know if it's because there were less people being stupid, or everyone else not complaining about the stupid people, but whatever the reason, it made for a pleasant night. We did have our fair share of stupid though, because, let's face it - most people don't call 911 when they've done something smart (thanks Janean!) Like my first call of the night, where a lady wanted to talk to the fire department after her drunk husband jumped off the steps and broke both ankles... I wonder how he felt about that when he sobered up.

I put in my request to have Wednesday and Thursday off this year, in hopes that with those days off, I can avoid working NYE. Unless I take vacation time, which I have to use during the kids' other breaks from school, scheduled days off are the only way I have holidays off.

The kids had a good time on NYE also. Sam had 6 of his friends here. None of the neighbors called the police, the kids didn't have to call 911, and they didn't burn my house down! It was a good night all the way around! :P

Sassy, who is 10, has no memory of snow - we moved away from Ohio when she was 2. Snugglebutt, almost 8, has never seen snow at all. So since it's my last weekend off before my days off switch, I think we're going to head to the snow. Or at least, to a place where it does snow. I don't know how much snow is on the ground, but we're going to head to Flagstaff overnight, where I'm sure we'll learn to appreciate the warmth of Phoenix just a little more :)

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