Thursday, March 20, 2008

Evil duck

This duck is pure evil. I was at the park with my kids the other day, taking pictures and goofing around. The 8 year old was sitting at the edge of the duck pond looking at the ducks, minding his own business, and I was taking pictures of him. I was kind of far away, using my telephoto lens, and as I was framing a shot, I see through my lens, this DUCK pop up and try to bite my son's face off! I'm serious! Ok, well maybe it was just his nose... My son jumped back and started laughing hysterically. Obviously he was not hurt, but I decided I had to shoot the duck. The results are what you see above. I shot the duck several times. I got a few good pictures of him, too. Evil duck.

by the way, if it's not clear, I shot the duck... with my camera...

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Rebekah said...

Crazy duck.