Saturday, March 08, 2008

new blog

I've started another blog about my quest to go from the heaviest I've ever been to something more healthy. My goal is to lose one third of how much I weighed when I started mid-January. I'm going for honesty and accountability, so if you want to keep up with my progress, come visit me there. Or maybe you're on the same journey and we can encourage each other. So far there's just one post, so there's not much to see.


Jo Ann said...

I am with you, support you and would you support me to lose as well? I am praying for us to both get healthy, maintain the weight lose and get ourselves into the shape God wants us to be in.....Deal? I'll be watching you, Connie.......keep in touch and I will do the same.....Blessings Jo Ann here in Denver

Jo Ann said...

Hi Connie....It's Jo Ann and you probably already got the other blog I left on your other site, but just wanted to say I'm glad to be on board. I need the accountability and support as well. Let's do this! I'll be checking in with you often. I have alot to lose but taking it in 25 lb increments. God has our back...after all this is His Temple and He wants us healthy in mind, Body, and spirit, right? Blessings to you and your family..JoAnn/Denver