Friday, April 04, 2008

What do you do when...

what you think God wants you to do is the polar opposite of what you want to do? What if doing what God wants will likely cost you everything that is important to you, including family members? What if what He wants you to do seems pretty much impossible?

I already know the answers, and I'm pretty sure I know what God wants me to do... at least I think I do. And I really am not sure yet that I want to. I'll probably do it anyway, God being, well...God, and all. I've learned the hard way that He really does know best, and obedience is a beautiful thing that brings blessings. It's just what I think he wants me to do... I almost think He doesn't know what He's asking, then I remember who He is and I know He does know. I'm pretty sure Jesus the human wasn't so keen on being crucified, but ultimately God was glorified through the obedience of Christ.

I guess if Christ could bring glory to God by giving Himself up, I guess I am called to do no less. But I really hope I'm wrong about what I think He's asking!


Rebekah said...

I understand your feelings. But I would much rather do what God wants than what I want. The results, Im sure, will be much better His way.
You seem to realize that too.

evan said...

great thoughts.

Janean said...

I remember someone somewhere saying "Well, God promises not to allow us to face more than we can handle. But, you know, I REALLY wish He didn't have such a high opinion of me."
I didn't want to face seperation from MG. It was SOOOOoooo hard and broke what was left of my heart. I still want to run back to that comfortable, but WRONG, relationship. Every day. Several times a day. Because it is "safe".
I'll pray with you. You know what you have to do...God grant you the courage to take the "leap of faith". Luv YA