Saturday, November 08, 2008

Is my kid the only one who does stuff like this?

Tonight was really one of the worst nights I've had in a while. We went out to dinner with my sister who was in town. She lives 2000 miles away. She asked my opinion on the election and we clearly had differing viewpoints. After it was obvious we weren't going to agree, I said "I'm not going to change your mind and you aren't going to change mine, I really don't feel the need to debate these things, so let's talk about something else." She ranted on for several more minutes and finally when nobody responded to her, she changed the subject. Our dinner party consisted of her, me and 3 of my kids. Even we had wanted to debate, an 8 year old wouldn't have much fun at a dinner like that. So maybe that's why...

My 8 year old nearly hung himself on the middle seat belt in the back seat of my car. We were most of the way home when he said "Mom, the seat belt is caught around my neck." I was on the freeway, and he was in the seat directly behind me. I tried to have the other kids help him, but they couldn't figure out where or why it was caught like that. It was truly wrapped around his neck and there was no give in either direction. If I would have been in even a minor fender bender, it could have killed him. I'm not sure how he did it, but he did. He told me later that he was playing with the middle seat belt. I ended up having to cut the seat belt to get it off his neck. We then had a nice discussion about how seat belts are absolutely not toys and he is to never ever do anything like that again. Ok, maybe it was more of a lecture.

So really, is my kid the only one who does stuff like that? And, how did I get so, umm, fortunate... to have such a...unique... child?!


Brenda said...

Apparently, God knew he needed a mom who wouldn't panic or over-react. The child is blessed.

Kate said...

Just found your post - hope some information is useful at this point. Most likely this happened because your car has seat belts that lock (most cars manufactured since 1996 do). You can check by pulling the belt out from the top slowly and gently. Pull it a little way, then let it reel back in and you'll see it isn't locked. But if you pull it out all the way you'll hear a click, and then the belt is "locked" - you won't able to pull it out again once you feed the slack in. Seat belts lock in this way so that they can be used to fit car seats safely (without the need for a locking clip, which you may have used with seats for your older kids). Unfortunately kids can get entangled in them if they play with the belt, pull it all the way out and switch that locking mechanism.

Sadly your son isn't unique and there have been some deaths from kids being strangled. So make everyone you know aware. You can find out more at